The rebellion was suppressed but the kingdom was severely weakened by the civil war. India History Association. The archaeological sites such as the Madan Kamdev (c. 9th–10th centuries CE) exhibits mass-scale use of lions, dragon-lions and many other figures of demons to show case power and prosperity. [100] The 'town-committee' or nagar-somiti for small towns, 'municipal board' or pouro-sobha for medium towns and municipal corporation or pouro-nigom for the cities consist of the urban local bodies. Naraka's son Bhagadatta became the king, who (it is mentioned in the Mahabharata) fought for the Kauravas in the battle of Kurukshetra with an army of kiratas, chinas and dwellers of the eastern coast. India is going to conduct it’s population counting marathon exercise in 2020 and data will be published in 2021. Uttar Pradesh had last month promulgated the UP Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance 2020, proposing a maximum punishment of 10 years and fine for "love jihad" related offences It was incorporated into the new province of Eastern Bengal and Assam in 1905 after the partition of Bengal (1905–1911) and re-established in 1912 as Assam Province . 2020 India Population: By Religion, State Wise, Density, City Wise, and More. However, The Assam Repealing Bill, 2020 did not contain anything related to the Sanskrit tols and the education minister also did not mention anything about the same. [citation needed], Typically, an Assamese meal consists of many things such as bhat (rice) with dayl/ daly (lentils), masor jool (fish stew), mangxô (meat stew) and stir fried greens or herbs and vegetables. (69%) separate themselves provincially, 22 locally and around 3 trans-broadly. The Assamese economy is aided by wildlife tourism to Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park, which are World Heritage Sites. The following table lists their areas and populations. Wildlife, cultural, and historical destinations have attracted visitors. The state has the highest diversity of birds in India with around 820 species. [157] In the post-liberalised era (after 1991), the difference widened further. Other native languages of Tibeto-Burman origin and related to Bodo-Kachari are Deori, Mising, Karbi, Rabha, and Tiwa. Xorai is a traditionally manufactured bell-metal article of great respect and is used as a container-medium while performing respectful offers. Starting from 1836 until 1873, this imposition of a foreign tongue created greater unemployment among the People of Assam and Assamese literature naturally suffered in its growth.[44][45]. [71][citation needed]. Against the … Moreover, there are other important traditional festivals being celebrated every year on different occasions at different places. Silchar, (in the Barak valley) is the second most populous city in Assam and an important centre of business. Assam TET 2020: Eligibility Criteria Educational Qualification. What is literacy rate of Telangana? [154] Assam's GDP in 2004 is estimated at $13 billion in current prices. km. Asia's first refinery was set up at Digboi and discoverer of Digboi oilfield was the Assam Railways & Trading Company Limited (AR&T Co. Ltd.), a registered company of London in 1881. [50], Since the restructuring of Assam after independence, communal tensions and violence remain. Assam is a producer of crude oil and it accounts for about 15% of India's crude output,[187] exploited by the Assam Oil Company Ltd.,[188] and natural gas in India and is the second place in the world (after Titusville in the United States) where petroleum was discovered. The number of Assamese Hindus in this state is 11,379,000, containing 36.50% of the state’s population at 2011 assessment. Though the Mughals made seventeen attempts to invade, they were never successful. and is expected to reach 34.18  million by 2021 and 35.60 million by 2026. [114] Though the governments of India and Bangladesh made agreements for the repatriation of certain groups of refugees after the second and third waves, a large presence of refugees and other migrants and their descendants remained in the state. As per census 2011, Hindu are majority in Assam state. As per projected prediction, the population of Assam in 2020 will be 3.60 Crore. Assam HS TET 2020- Official Notification. The British allowed companies to rent land from 1839 onwards. Checklist of the birds of Assam. On 19 May 2016, BJP under the leadership of Sarbananda Sonowal won the Assembly elections, thus forming the first BJP-led government in Assam.[96].