She ordered the extermination of all the prophets of the Lord (1 … The devil is not the equal or opposite of God. Keep in mind that God’s intent for woman was never to be the provider, when we as women go out and work that is a choice we make on our own. OVERCOMING- by holding tight in prayer, confession, working hard on keeping good Christian friendships, teaching my children fervently and showing them the love of God. Jezebel's spirit of control beats you down a little at a time. The ultimate goal is to conquer or neutralize the prophet, because a discering pastor, propeht, or Christian leader is Jezebel’s … If this spirit is not properly exposed and dealt with within a reasonable length of time, it can totally destroy and completely bring down a marriage, church, ministry, company, or an individual’s life. But one day while I was working I believe I encoutered Jesus Christ and it changed my life. I never wanted to be like my mother. This is all wonderful except I have had to work harder than I ever wanted to support this. by Jon Hamilton (taken from the book "The Nature Of Our Enemy") In the book of Revelation, the Lord speaks to the church at Thyatira "Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. A Jezebel spirit is a demonic spirit that inhabits a person and causes them to be driven by sexual appetites. She immediately volunteered to help out even though it was not her place to do so. All rights reserved. Water flowing over pebbles between us. I am 55 years old and yes I am angry. I mean, the person needs deliverance , healing and restoration, to be restored to God and themselves and whatever Godly relationships were destroyed ? Keep in mind that God’s intent for woman was never to be the provider, when we as women go out and work that is a choice we make on our own. Third, identify the difference between a demonic influence and a demonic possession. A married man wrote desperate for help saying, "I cannot get this other woman out of my head." When God Says No: How to Handle Unanswered Prayers in Your Life, Applying the Parable of the Good Samaritan to Our Lives Today, Comfort Zones and How They Hinder Us Spiritually. Are there different types of demons and how they operate? Praise Jesus Christ and thank him for what he has done for us and continues to do for us, who is sinless and holy. This spirit hates authority, despises correction, hates being subjected and loves attention. As we explained to you in our article titled, “The Different Kinds of Demonic Spirits,” demons have two different names. The fact that this business is being done “as ministry that will help many” gives my husband reason to press on when the uncertainty, lack of savings and constant change and chaos are simply too much for a person with a traumatic childhood. I grew up with mentally ill mother and watched tremendous violence with fighting between my parents that destroyed our family. She had lots of self harm tactics to further emotionally abuse me. Refuses to admit guilt or wrong. From what you said, you absolutely do not have a jezebel spirit no ma am not at all, you are weighted down from responsibility who wouldn’t be, that’s a heavy load to carry, people will label you certain things and have no idea what they are talking about, anger is a natural emotion, God told us we could be angry but sin not, pray and ask the Lord to deliver you from being angry and ask him Lord how do I cope with the pressure and the weight that is placed upon me, Lord teach me how to turn to you in every situation, I pray you be blessed and learn to not vent to everyone, find one God fearing person to confide in that will tell you what this says the Lord, and pray and tell God about your problems more that people, he hears you, he cares all about what you are going through and he wants to help you, pray pray pray, tell Jesus all about. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. The reason many deliverance ministers have used the term, “Jezebel spirit,” is because of the nature of its personality and the way it operates once it sets up shop within someone. Her goal was to convince her husband, the King of Israel, to abandon his spiritual beliefs and follow hers. This Spirit can manifest through a man or a woman, but it manifests mostly in women. My story is long and I can’t go into all detail yet I am hoping for direction so I know how to best seek healing. I understand your … For example, some of the function names of demons would be spirits of lust, spirits of anger, spirits of murder, etc. It seems to be differentiated from other spirits that are more appetite-driven since this one tends to exercise the most cunning and diplomacy. We may have heard of Queen Jezebel, but not all of us have heard of something known as a Jezebel spirit. This type of confusion keeps them undiscovered. By His Grace all five of them, though scarred by His wickedness (constant criticism, very cruel verbal, financial, abuse, no emotional support) they are all walking with God. When a Jezebel apologizes it is never in true repentance or acknowledgment of wrongdoing but rather “I’m sorry your … He wants you to know who he is and what HIS vision is for you, that way no one not even your husband can take you down a path that God hasn’t approved (not saying this is the current case). Pray and seek counseling from a godly pastor who will be able to influence your husband to do the right thing by obeying God and providing for his household. Copyright © 2005-2019 by Michael Bradley and Chris Bradley. After this she had this need for adoration and praise as she was there throughout the entire process. She would even make threats to my work, to people I knew especially girls as she was so jealous of them. There is no doubt that it functions just as proficiently through men. While the album was generally well received by critics, the song attracted negative criticism. The Jezebel spirit attacks, dominates or manipulates, especially male authority. Her mother raised her not believing in God so this was also a little clue to their wickedness. Some people have called this a “master” type spirit. If the business has not launched after so long, what does your husband do with his time? I believe that it’s far more dangerous for us to blame people’s sin on demons affecting them than to wrestle with our own depravity. Run!!! This spirit operates in many people’s lives. Yes, you are right. My sister went from happy and healthy to suicidal and volatile after 2 months exposed to this woman but still considers this woman her savior. The spirit of Jezebel doesn’t care to be under spiritual power and will just have connections where it can control individuals. They have their created name given to them by God when they were first created, and they also have a function name, which will tell you what kind of spirit you are dealing with. What you need to do is Repent of anything that you in know God is not pleased with, even if it’s your attitude. The Spirit of Jezebel litterally hates the servants of the Lord and persecutes them.